Monday, September 5, 2016

Review: Tell Me a Secret - Tamara Lush

Caleb is still missing and Emma is learning how to cope without her husband and be a mother to Charlotte, their daughter who is now eight months old.  Caleb has been missing for nine months and Emma is losing her mind as she knows he must be out there somewhere but where ? Did he leave her because he didn't want to be a father or husband ? Has he just vanished and built himself a new life or is he injured or worst dead ? As the days and months go by Emma writes in her journal . During this time , Emma is encouraged to go to the Miami Book Fair and heads over with Colin. The pair kiss and have a tangle but Emma's heart still aches for Caleb. Can she betray her love and start a new relationship with his brother ? Meanwhile Sarah has put on hold her library job and holding the bookshop's fort down and her and Laura's plans to have a baby are on hold. Tell me a Secret was probably one of the sadder reads as Emma is coping with Caleb's loss and being a single mother. The book ends on a cliffhanger though as Emma and the family recieve news that Caleb has been found. Where has he been all this time ?
I have to admit I had been a bit scared to read this Episode #4 and the last one #5 and had them sitting on my Kindle for a couple of weeks , but I faced my fears and read them and of course I am glad I did.


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