Monday, September 5, 2016

Review : Carter Reed - Tijan

A friend at work loves Tijan and recommended that I read her Fallen Crest series , I hopped on my Kindle and noticed I didn't have any of the early ones in that series but had Carter Reed which one was on the books in the Foreplay Boxed Set. So I started Carter Reed , not knowing what to expect and I loved it . Heads up though, this book does start with a POW as you are immediately confronted with a chapter that has Emma's roommate Mallory being raped and beaten by her boyfriend - gang member Jeremy Dunvan.  Emma tries to hold off but can't stomach anymore and grabs her gun. The next thing we are hauled off to Emma and Mallory's friend Ben's house. Emma knows she is not safe especially since she just killed a member of a gang and the same gang that killed her brother AJ years ago. Emma knows that only one person can help her - Carter Reed . Growing up Carter was her brother's best friend and when he was killed, Carter took revenge and killed those involved. Turns out Carter has been keeping an eye on Emma for all these years and will do anything to save her - the woman he loves. Can Carter protect Emma though especially when she has put up so many walls around her and not fully trusts Carter himself ? Can Carter prove to Emma that he loves her and is not just protecting her due to family history ? You know how you read about certain guys and you feel a connection to them - book boyfriends we call them . Well , I have a new one to add to my list - Carter Reed.  If you are wanting a good revenge mobster read with a hint of Romance in the wings and some fun times, then Carter Reed by Tijan is the book for you.


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