Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# Everything Stolen - Sophia Scarlet

Everything Stolen

Review: Everything Stolen - Sophia Scarlet - September 2016
I have to admit at; first I had high hopes for this book, as I love stories where characters get a second chance at love, but this book to me lacked the strong romance bonds of sweetness and soulmates for me.  In Everything Stolen, we first meet Jeremy Bradford who has been in a coma for the past four years after an accident. Four years ago, Jeremy despite his family's wishes was about to ask his then girlfriend Sylvie to marry him. She was not the type of girl that the Bradfords expected their son to be with but Jeremy loved her, then just as he was about to do this he disappeared and stayed gone for four years.  Sylvie left alone with no-one but her unborn child at the time relied heavily on the Bradford's lawyer Silas who fell in love with Sylvie. She has never loved him completely as her heart will always be for Jeremy and her son but she had no-one else and no-one who could give her a provided life as she now had her son to think about too. Sylvie agreed to marry Silas and they have been married for four years now.  The novel then skips to the present time - Four years later and Jeremy Bradford has woken up asking for Sylvie. What follows is as expected , Jeremy comes back to discover life has changed and Sylvie is now married and of course he wants Sylvie back and to get to know his son. I have to admit , I hated the way that Silas controlled Sylvie in this book as he could clearly see she loved him, she never stopped but of course Silas doesn't want to let go what he's been building over the years and has a financial hold and emotional hold over Sylvie. I did like the ending as I am a sucker for second chances but have to admit this book wasn't a huge favourite as I hated the manipulation and power that Silas had and used over Sylvie when he could clearly see where she wanted to be and what her heart wanted.
If you are a fan of the Amnesiac, Second Chance romances then check out "Everything Stolen" by Sophia Scarlet.

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