Friday, September 30, 2016

VBT# Something I Need - Lena Lowe

As a reader you start to develop favourite themes and places to read about in novels. One of my favourite settings is Nashville - as a big fan of the country music scene and even more so now after visiting Nashville, I love to read about it as it sparks the memories of my time there and of course most of the books set in Nashville have that country music theme. In Something I Need, we meet Jonte Williamson who has come from Australia to Nashville to compete in the finals of an American Idol type reality TV show as her dreams are to become a singer. However, when Jonte arrives it doesn't look like Lady Luck is shining on her side as her accomodation falls through and now she is homeless and her money is running thin. The first night she arrives, she meets bartender Cash and his twin sister Dolly and the pair take Jonte under their wings. As we read on we discover that Cash has some demons surrounding his past and we learn the real reason why he hates everything country especially the classic country music. Something I need is a sweet and at times edgy and LOL romance story. One of the things I really loved about this book was the memories it stirred from visiting Centennial Park to seeing the Pantheon and even walking around the Vanderbilt University campus. If you are looking for a sweet, romance tale then check out book #1 in Lena Lowe's series xoxo Gossip Girl , sorry meant xoxo Nashville.

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