Monday, September 5, 2016

Review : Long Shot - Kayti McGee

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Long Shot

Review : Long Shot - An Under the Covers Novel - Kayti McGee - August 2016

Imagine you are out having the time of your life at a strip club and drinking away , then you wake up the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before and a massive hangover. That's what has happened to Meredith who is currently living with her sister after a failed relationship and a career choice that hasn't exactly been taking off for her as a photographer. From the first page, Kayti McGee will have readers chuckling in the same sense that Meghan Quinn does her readers, as I find the two authors similar and are my top two favourites at Romantic Comedy. We discover Meredith as left her purse at the strip club and heads to meet Rob who is a part-time stripper while putting himself through college. During the night before Meredith had promised to take photos of his roommate for his portfolio - seems innocent at first until she discovers he is a porn model and wants quality penis pics. What starts off as a one-off will soon have her taking plenty of photos in this field and even to the point of using her knitting and sewing skills and making cute penis outfits and snap snap snapping. It's making good money for Meredith but  she wants to be taken more seriously as a photographer and definitely didn't see dating a stripper and being a penis photographer in her future plan. What happens though when she starts to fall for Rob and he goes behind her back to showcase her work to the world and it turns up going viral ? Can she forgive Rob seeing as now the whole world sees her as Meredith - Penis Photographer and quite possibly the laughing stock of the photography world. The other thing I loved is that characters from the previous books including Topped all show up in Long Shot as friends . If you are looking for a book to make you laugh, then check out Kayti McGee's new read "Long Shot".

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