Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review : Trailer Park Virgin - Alexa Riley

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Trailer Park Virgin

Review: Trailer Park Virgin - A Taboo Tale - Alexa Riley - February 2016 

I have to admit , I was a little disappointed with this particular book but in saying that I did finish it as it was a quick read. After reading a few of Alexa Riley's books, I had been looking forward to reading this as I figured it would be about popping the cherry of a girl who grew up and still lived in a trailer park but here I was a little naive going into the book. This book, if you aren't one for a sex-fuelled story then definitely this is not a book for you as simply minus the first two or so pages - the rest of the book is simply Sex and I have to admit by the end of the book I was actually feeling a little sorry for the main girl Gracie as have to say if she was having that much sex - she either had a great stamina and didn't feel pain or she would have been mighty sore as OMG this book made Gracie go from Virgin to Instant Sex Energiser bunny - she never stopped and had two guys going for it the whole rest of the story. Readers this book contains a helluva lot of sex , sharing and a feel of incest but not as Gracie has sex with her foster father and foster brother and the other thing I wasn't keen on is the fact that they call having sex with them - her daily chore which turned her into a full-on sex slave. It was like she only existed for their amusement and was their personal sex doll. 
So readers, if you are in the mood for a raunchy quickee and by that I mean - a quick read , not the other - get your mind out of the gutter. Then check out Alexa Riley's "Trailer Park Virgin".

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