Friday, September 9, 2016

VBT# Hidden Truths - Kristin Coley

Hidden Truths 

Review: Hidden Truths - Kristin Coley - September 2016

 One of the themes I like to read about in books is when the characters have special abilites which help them to solve murders, a bit like the TV show Medium or in this case it was more The Listener but with a hint of Medium - two of my favourite tv shows. In Hidden Truths which I have to admit was one of the best books in this theme that I have read in a long time as it has to be pretty amazing for me to give it a highly recommended and Hidden Truths by Kristin Coley falls into that category. The main character Addie has the ability to know what people are thinking or the answers to the questions if she has been asked or hears something phrased as a question which is pretty awesome I think. She can also have strong visions and dreams of events. This book satrts with the abduction of a boy from her school which leads Addie to seek out Jake aka Tristan who is an undercover cop in her school. He is pretending to be a Bad boy high school student.  With Addie's help he finds the boy and as they collect the cues and evidence it turns out that the boy was involved in a darker and deeper plot that contains corrupted policemen or as they call them in the book the dirty needles. During this book too , it has a bit of a romance thread with Jake and Addie becoming closer, which I have to admit I liked as I found the characters of both Addie and Jake relatable and the pair  of them made me swoon. Kristin did an amazing job of writing her characters as all of them you just found that you could connect with them all. Without giving away the storyline, I will say that if you love ability novels and wanting a suspenseful tale to read , then Hidden Truths by Kristin Coley is one YA read you will have add to your 2016 must read list.
There was just something about this book that you will not be able to put down the book and once finished you will go WOW , that was pretty awesome.

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