Review: Amber Alert - Sara Schoen

Amber Alert (Amber Alert, #1)

Review: Amber Alert - Book #1 Amber Alert Series - Sara Schoen - December 2014

Twelve females over the years have been kidnapped and never seen again, and they have been listed as missing persons. What started as a day out to meet her boyfriend at the park ended up a nightmare for Anna as her boyfriend was killed and she found herself abducted. She had always been careful and never thought she would be the one ever to get taken. Steve has been kidnapping females for years to make them the perfect wife and mother for him and his son who is now about Anna's age. To survive, she must follow the twelve rules otherwise she will end up dead like the previous twelve females who have been in the same shoes as her. Just as Anna and Garrett are planning their escape, Steve also kidnaps a little girl about five called Jessie. This makes Anna and Garrett move fast before Steve can harm Jessie and kill them all. When they get to the station though, they are about to discover that the incidents go beyond just Steve and seems like he has dirty cops in his back pockets who have been helping him cover and destroy any evidence. With the help of Jessie's father James who is one of the good cops, can they bring down Steve to justice before it's too late or will he evade the police and finish the three of them once and for all. I have to admit, we got to see Jessie's family and interaction, but I had hoped for a bit more about Anna and especially Garett's family reactions when it was revealed that they were alive.  After finishing this book, I had an Amazon voucher and went on to purchase the next book in the series as I do love my mystery and suspense novels.


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