Review: Pretty New Doll - K. Webster and Ker Dukey

Pretty New Doll (Pretty Little Dolls, #3)

Review: Pretty New Doll - Book #3 Pretty Little Dolls Series - Ker Dukey and K.Webster - July 2017

As readers will know I have been on a dark fix lately, a series I have been going through is Pretty Little Dolls, and I have been enjoying it. Pretty New Doll has Benny rising from the ashes as a new man Benjamin, thanks to the help of a mysterious man Tanner. Tanner seems to have his hands in many pies and is just as sick or maybe even more so than our guy Benny. In Pretty New Doll, it looks like Jade is now finally in the clear as Benjamin has his eyes set on a new doll whom he calls Bethany, she is perfect and looks just like his sister Bethany. We soon discover that she is, in fact, his half-sister Elizabeth. I have to admit I was shocked at this twist as Elizabeth seemed normal like her twin sister Eliza but she had a twisted side which she obviously inherited from her father. Elizabeth has a dark secret, she dresses up like a doll and has a fetish site where she pretends to be their special dolly. She loves it and just like Benny's outfits, all of hers are handcrafted. What will happen when Benny and Elizabeth meet, will their chemistry spark? I have to admit this book does turn forbidden in the manner that we are used to reading about in a K.Webster book as Benny and Elizabeth strike up a romantic relationship. As I was talking to a friend about this book, I also mentioned to her - what's a K. Webster book without a little incest, and Pretty New Doll has that and more.


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