Review: Never Missing, Never Found - Amanda Panitch

Never Missing, Never Found

Review: Never Missing, Never Found - Amanda Panitch - June 2016

When Scarlet was a young girl, she was kidnapped along with another girl called Pixie. The two for a while were friends, but Pixie tried to push the boundaries and ended up getting the worst of punishments whereas Scarlet realized that if she complied with the rules, rewards were to be given. Years later after a struggle, they escaped except one girl died, and one lived or did they? Scarlet's family have moved, and she has gotten a job at an amusement park, but what will happen when one of the employees goes missing? Will Scarlet reveal her past to her new friends? At the amusement park Scarlet meets another employee named Kat who seems to be familiar to Scarlet especially when she starts to pop out with sayings that only one person knew - Pixie, but how can that be as Pixie is supposed to be dead and buried? Like most YA mysteries, the book was slow to start off with but near the end gets a bit more suspenseful and then wham bam- the book drops a massive bombshell that leaves readers going OMG, and then you wonder how it is going to play out. I do have to admit I didn't see the final twist coming, but then after I finished the book and thought about it - it did make sense.  If you are on the lookout for a new YA mystery author to read, then check out Amanda Panitch with her book Never Missing, Never Found as you will not be disappointed.


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