VBT# Hangry - Lily Kate

Hangry (The Girls #1)

Review: Hangry - Book #1 - The Girls Series - Lily Kate - October 2017
What would you sell your soul for? What would you do if you were dying of hunger and someone offered you food in exchange for something? Would you accept it? For Minnie, when she ended up stuck in an elevator with Brad whom up to three years ago was a very close family friend - he had a burger, she was hangry so what did she sell for the burger? A date with Brad. Growing up Minnie had a major crush on Brad but was under the impression he just saw her his friend's little sister.  One thing leads to another with Minnie and Brad and after a lot of back and fro'ing between the pair of them and the encouragement of her best friends Sasha and Kitty the pair finally get together and work out those feelings of repressed love. What will happen though when Brad's partner Leo wants to get back at Brad and sets up a meeting to buy Minnie's Diner as he wants to tear it down and build a gym. Will Minnie feel that Brad is part of this deal and feel betrayed? Will this be the end of their starting relationship? Hangry was a good romance, but I have to admit I had hoped to enjoy it more than I did as the main characters of Hangry played their relationship the way I hate. The whole no communication thing, going behind each other's backs and pussyfooting with their feelings. It's like seriously if you love each other then be there for one another and more importantly - communicate and let the other person know what's happening in their lives. This happens to be one of my pet hates in books. Overall, if you are looking for a romance read, then check out Hangry by Lily Kate and think about what you would give up for food?


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