Review: Cocky Senator - Faleena Hopkins

Cocky Senator (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta, #5)

Review: Cocky Senator - Book #5 The Cocker Brothers of Atlanta - Faleena Hopkins - November 2016

One night of passion for Justin Cocker and Jaimie Rothdale will end up something more. Jaimie is on her way to see her Dad in Atlanta when she is spotted in the bar by a Cocker Brother. Jaimie recognizes Justin from school but seems he doesn't recognize her and they have wild passionate sex. When they arrive in Atlanta, they go their separate ways thinking that they won't see each other ever again, but fate has a different plan up her sleeve. Justin is running for the Senate seat and wants Senator Rothdale to retire. Jaimie has been asked by her father to help him on the campaign. When the pair spots each other, it is the start of a love/hate relationship. What will happen though when while in the campaign race, Mr. Carefree Bachelor Justin is told he has a five-year-old daughter. Will he step up to the plate and try his best to become a father to Hannah or will he turn his back on fatherhood to continue to pursue his dream as Senator Cocker? When he makes his choice, it starts to open the door to other possibilities but is Justin willing to change his ways to be happy or will he be the Cocky and Stubborn one? Cocky Senator was a political romance and was the type of book that you don't have to think about as you know already how the book is going to go and end which makes it an easy and relaxing read.  I have the other Cocker Brother books, so I am looking forward now to reading the other brothers stories.



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