Review: Taste of Tara - Shanna Hatfield

Taste of Tara (Magnolias and Moonshine #19)

Review: Taste of Tara - Book #19 Magnolias and Moonshine Series - Shanna Hatfield - April 2017
Growing up Tara's family on her mother's side are obsessed with Gone with the Wind, even so, that all the children are named after the book. Tara's dream has been to visit the South and what better place than Atlanta - home of Margaret Mitchell - author of Gone with the Wind. With Tara's culinary background, she has been chosen to work as the Pastry Chef at a Plantation in Atlanta for the season. Every year, they spend a month doing a live-in historical event. Tara arrives at the Plantation, and she instantly falls in love with the whole atmosphere. Meanwhile, she meets a handsome horse-wrangler Brett; he also works at the Plantation with horses This and That. His family owns the ranch next door. Brett is a romantic at heart and finds himself falling almost immediately for Tara, and he knows she is "the one" as he gets to know her and realizes she loves him for him and not his family money. What will happen though when the month flies by, and it is time for Tara to return to her "real life" in Portland, Oregon? Is Tara ready to give up her life in Portland and family, friends and her job at the Bakery for a chance at love? Can Brett persuade her to stay in Atlanta and that he is worth the move? Find out in the quick romantic Southern read of Taste of Tara by Shanna Hatfield - Book #19 in the Magnolia and Moonshine series.


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