VBT# Spell Book and Scandal - Jen McConnel

Spell Book &  Scandal

Review: Spell Book and Scandal - Jen McConnel - October 2017

I have always loved reading books about witches set in today's world or the world where witches live amongst the normies. Spell Book and Scandal goes into the world of the King family. They are known to be one of the best Witch families around but for Shelby she is the black sheep of the family as her sister Christina is the perfect score Caster and Shelby should be a top scribe, but all her spells keep backfiring and going haywire so much that Christina doesn't even trust her sister to scribe for her. What will happen though when Shelby makes a flier to sell her spells to normies, soon she will discover that her spells are actually working and then one night she is mad at her sister, so she scribes a walk in my shoes spell and says it out loud, and wham bam - the pair have switched places. This is impossible as only a Caster can make the spell. Has Shelby got some hidden talents? I had hoped that we would discover more about Shelby whereas this book was more about the relationship between Christina and Shelby and helping Christina get into a great coven rather than Shelby's skills develop.  I am looking forward to seeing whether the author decides to develop the story of Shelby King as would be interesting to see where she ends up. Spell Book and Scandal would be a perfect read if you loved Jennifer Estep's Mythos Academy and Rachel Hawkins's Hex Hall series.


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