VBT# Addicted - Krys Fenner

Addicted (Dark Road Series, #1)

Review : Addicted - Book #1 Dark Road Series - Krys Fenner - 2014
I had grabbed this book due to the cover as it seemed quite a dark and edgy book and the cover is pretty amazing. As I read the book we meet Bella who seems to be stalked by an anonymous person who loves leaving her gifts; she also has captured the attention of three schoolmates - David, Peter, and Jeremiah. When I read this, I often laugh as seriously how realistic is it to go from someone who has never had a boyfriend in her seventeen almost eighteen years of life and then all of a sudden have multiple guys interested in her and all wanting her at once. Addicted was a complicated read as I found myself in parts getting confused as apparently, a tragedy happened to her in church when she was little with a kid beating her up bad when she offered to help and said something nice to him. Like where were the adults? Now older, she gets jumped in the alley and brutally raped, and then her life starts to go downhill as she discovers people are after her and want her to themselves and those she loves dead. We also learned briefly that she was adopted and wonder if it has anything to do with her birth parents. I have to admit I found this book a bit too much over the place for me and then when I finished as the book ends on a cliffhanger.  I started to read the preview for the next book Damaged - only to discover as it sounded familiar that I had already read Book #2 a couple of years ago in September 2015 which then led me to discover that Addicted is a reprint of Book #1 which was originally called Destroyed in 2014.


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