Review: Harem of Fangs - Emma Dawn

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Harem of Fangs (Stairway to Harem, #1)

Review: Harem of Fangs - Book #1 Stairway to Harem Series - Emma Dawn - June 2017
Ally Swift is nearing her forties and trying her goal at becoming a successful Paranormal author especially since a year ago her husband at the time left her for another woman who left Ally a total sobbing mess. She decided that after her husband leaving her, she was going to take back her life and become adventurous. What she didn't expect was her mind to be opened wide in a whole new way. It started with a text from her best friend Cassie and ended up with Ally being told she has to partake in a fight with the current queen of a Vampire hive and she has two options - to win or die. Ally has been chosen and is the last hope for 100 years of the Vampire Hive getting a new Queen. She also has five guys that she must sleep with and at the end of the week, choose only one, and the other four will be put to death. Ally doesn't want anyone to die and how can she choose as she's starting to fall in love with all five of them ? Now with only one week to go - Ally must train and fight and come up with a plan to defeat the current Queen Terra or everyone she cares and loves will perish. As an author of Paranormal and Supernatural Romance, Ally will have to put her writer's cap on and think about how she would write this scene in order to survive.  Harem of Fangs definitely had it's erotic scenes as well as moments of Vampires and Werewolves. A few years ago, I went off these types of books but I think because it had the erotic scenes and reverse harem on top of the Vampires, I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. If you love Reverse Harem , Erotica and Vampires then Harem of Fangs is the trifecta just for you. The only downside for me was the character’s name as for some reason whenever I read her name, all I could think about was Taylor Swift – the singer.


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