Monday, November 20, 2017

Review: Dear Agony - Georgia Cates

Dear Agony

Review: Dear Agony - Georgia Cates - March 2017

I wasn't entirely sure what this book would be about, I had originally thought maybe with the title it might have an Agony Aunt twist but turned out to be more the inner voice was her Dear Agony moments. I loved this book as it had a few of my favorite things, the first was that it was set in New Orleans and it reminded me of the time I spent there and gave me flashbacks of memories. The other thing it has arranged relationships and the theme of semi-roomies to friends to lovers. Rose was homeless and making her small pittance by entertaining in Jackson Square. Rose is approached by a woman named Vale who runs a companionship business and wants Rose. Rose agrees and soon becomes a project and more to Vale, almost like her protege. Vale owes her business success to her best friend B aka Bash as he gave her the start-up for the business. He is ready to wipe Vale's loan of $2 million for Rose as his companion. Rose and Vale agree, and Rose starts a companionship relationship with Bash on the requirement that they never fall in love. Of course, what will happen when feelings start to come into the companionship and Bash reveals a dark secret. Will Rose stay by Bash's side even if he tries to push her away and make her hate him? What will happen when the pair get news and Bash issue her with an ultimatum and Rose being strong takes the hard road but stands her ground and doesn't waver. I loved this part as I have seen, heard and read so many stories which when they fall pregnant are given the ultimatum - me or the baby and they abort the baby to stay with the guy whereas Rose stayed strong and did not bend to his demands and of course because she showed bravery and courage and good morals - she got her karma and ended up on top and with a truly HEA ending. If you are looking for a story with strong female characters but not alpha females - I don't like alpha females, then Dear Agony by Georgia Cates.

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