Sunday, November 26, 2017

Review: Wish - Episode #4 New Hope Academy - Scarlett Haven

Wish (New Hope Academy Book 4)

Review: Wish - Episode #4 New Hope Academy Series - Scarlett Haven - March 2016
Wish brings us the final book in the New Hope Academy series and picks up where Fame left us with Kat and Damon being kidnapped and held in a basement. During this time Kat gets to meet Salvador who is Rafe's son and also discovers her brother's friend and childhood crush is also a traitor working for the bad guys. Is there anyone who isn't working as a double agent as we discover the truth about Kat's father and brother Dmitri. During Wish, we mainly have the story from Tristan's POV as he searches for Kat. Can Tristan save the girl he loves or has he taught her well enough that she can fight for herself? Also in Wish, we get to see a bit more glimpse of Kat's cousin Jade, and as the book finished, we see Jade asking Kat for help to find her father. I loved this part as I do love biological parent searching books and it does open the doorway to a possible new series by Scarlett Haven as I have been enjoying her different series. If you are in the mood for a YA mystery where each book is a fast read, then check out the New Hope Academy series by Scarlett Haven today.

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