Review: Pretty Broken Dolls - Ker Dukey and K.Webster

Pretty Broken Dolls (Pretty Little Dolls #4)

Review: Pretty Broken Dolls - Book #4 Pretty Little Dolls Series - Ker Dukey and K.Webster - September 2017
If you are ever in the mood for a dark series and don't mind having a new perspective and view on the word "Dolls," then the Pretty Little Dolls series is for you. As I come to the last book for the series, I have to admit It took a different route than I had expected when I first started reading the series in Books #1 and #2. In Pretty Broken Dolls, we get to read more of the developed relationship between Tanner and Benjamin and how Tanner got to where he is now and what his family life back in Russia was like. It looks like someone else wants a piece of Benny's Doll Bethany aka Elizabeth as a new player in the psychotic Doll game appears - Lucy who knew Tanner as Cassian. Elizabeth has been stolen from Benny, and he wants her back. Now Pretty Broken Dolls will bring out all the characters who are psychotic and crazy and everyone's true colors from Tanner to Kami and Benny and Elizabeth. I have to admit I did not see the twist of this book coming and though afterward as I thought about it, it did make sense as all the characters who survived are all twisted in their minds so why not celebrate the conclusion of the series with a threesome but who will the threesome include? Tanner, Kami, Benny, Lucy or Elizabeth? Find out in Book #4 Pretty Broken Dolls by K.Webster and Ker Dukey.


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