Review: A Baby For Easter - Noelle Adams

Easter 2012

A Baby for Easter (Willow Park, #2)

Review: A Baby for Easter - Book #2 Willow Park Series - Noelle Adams - April 2014|

I picked this book up as I wanted a book to read and one I knew that I would probably enjoy as I have been in and out of a reading slump the past week. I am finding myself getting pickier at the type of books I am reading.  Before I start this review I will have to say that unless you like books with a strong faith and religious background then this isn't the book for you and do not read any further. A Baby For Easter was set mainly around a church office as the main character Alice works there currently as a secretary for Pastor Daniel.  Alice has recently moved back to her hometown and running into people she knows and one guy in particular keeps giving her mixed messages - Micah. When she was younger, she had the biggest crush on Micah and they had a moment but nothing eventuated out of it. With two failed engagements under her belt, Alice has temporarily sworn off men and relationships as they only end in disaster. Micah has received some news that he has a five month old daughter Cara and he is her last remaining parent as her mother has just died. Micah is struggling and so he asks Alice a favour, if she can help him with his daughter. Alice agrees and the pair of them start to raise Cara. What will happen though when Alice is offered a librarian job at a Christian college in the next town over ? Will Alice leave Cara and Micah behind or will Micah fight to keep Alice by his side as he already let her go once before ? Will This Easter be special for Alice ? Find out in Noelle Adams Christian fiction romance today.


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