Review: Fate - New Hope Academy - Scarlett Haven

Fate (New Hope Academy #1)

Review: Fate - Book #1 New Hope Academy Series - Scarlett Haven - January 2016
Lately, I discovered YA author Scarlett Haven and had been reading through her different series. New Hope Academy takes us into the life of Katerina Vasin. Katerina is half Russian and half British. Her family or what remains of her family as one of her brothers Eduardo was recently killed in a car accident is still in Russia, whereas Katerina has been shipped off to boarding school in America. New Hope Academy is the boarding school for the Rich and Famous. Katerina doesn't know why she is here, as her family is definitely not rich and her dad is an Engineer for an engineering company. However, Katerina is about to discover everything she knew about her father was a lie and that in the world of Russia he is the most powerful man alive. In Russia, Katerina never had a boyfriend, but here she has captured the attention of several guys including Damon - the President's son.  Is it fate that landed Katerina in the sight of Damon or simply a coincidence? Find out in Episode #1 of the New Hope Academy series by Scarlett Haven.


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