Review: What About Us - Emma Tharp

What About Us (Bluff Harbor #2)

Review: What About Us - Book #2 Bluff Harbor Series - Emma Tharp - August 2017
In Book #1 Kate's best friend Willow disappeared one night, and everyone believed she was dead, that was except for Kate as she had been convinced she had seen Willow.  During this time River and Kate got close and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Now nine months later, Willow has turned up and is in the hospital with no recollection of what has happened for the past nine months. Before Willow disappeared, she was in a relationship with River.  Kate is wanting to do what she thinks is best for her friend, concocts a plan and tells River that he has to date Willow now instead of her as she can't risk losing Willow all over again. The thing is though that Willow wasn't exactly missing the past nine months, she has a few secrets up her sleeve. This book frustrated me as Kate and River were losing each other and it was ripping Kate apart, whereas to be honest Willow didn't give two flying F's about River, she was too busy seeing someone else, someone else she had been with for over the past year. When the truth about Willow comes out, I was a tad disappointed as seriously, someone must have seen something and how could they have kept her disappearance over a year when she was only in like the next town over . Also were Willow's parents that freaking bad that she had to go to this extreme ? Though this part did remind of PLL and Alison's disappearance from Rosewood.  After reading Book #1 which was awesome, I did feel that this book was a little let-down but at least we eventually got a HEA ending.


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