Monday, November 13, 2017

Review: Imperfectly Gracie - Scarlett Haven

Imperfectly Gracie (Bayside Academy Book 2)

Review: Imperfectly Gracie - Book #2 Bayside Academy - Scarlett Haven - June 2016

Book #1 left off with Noah in hospital after we discover that because Gracie didn't adhere to X's warnings, X cut the brakes on Noah's car. As someone has finally gotten hurt, Gracie decides to share the X notes with her brother and friends. The thing is though that Noah isn't taken this very seriously and continues to hound Gracie to become his girlfriend. What happens when Gracie finally gives in, and X decides to up their game with a murder of one of Gracie's classmates. As the book continues we start to wonder who in fact is X? I did wonder if it was Kylie - someone who was mentioned from Noah's past and seems a little unstable but then like the previous book - this one ends on a cliffhanger and a nasty one at that when X decides to show Gracie whose in charge by killing someone in her father's house and someone who is very close to the James's family. Who wants revenge on Gracie and why is she the target? Is this because of her as a person or is Noah the final goal and Gracie the now target since she is in X's way. I was hoping to be able to read Book #3 and get a conclusion, but after messaging the author to see if it was available, it is still in the author's writing pile. If you love YA mysteries like Pretty Little Liars with "A," then check out Bayside Academy with their version "X."


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