Review : Fame - New Hope Academy #3 - Scarlett Haven

Fame (New Hope Academy, Book 3)

Review: Fame - Episode #3 New Hope Academy Series - Scarlett Haven - February 2016

With Kazimir dead all should be back to normal except it isn't as Kat has finally confessed to both Tristan and Damon that the guy she loves is, in fact, Tristan, not Damon. Kat's older brother Alik has arrived in the States and popped by New Hope Academy to see Kat and let her know that their mum has left her dad. The thing is though that this isn't a good thing and means only one thing - their mother has been kidnapped or found out that she is working for the other side. Now the pair of them will pool their resources along with Kat's dad to try and find her mother. One of Damon's bodyguard also looks like he is a double agent - will this put Damon and Kat in more danger? We discovered that Tristan attended the Spy School in Switzerland which made me smile as I loved Scarlett Haven's The Spy Chronicles which feature the school and has now made me want the third book even more - so Scarlett, hurry up please :P.  Fame ended on a cliffhanger with Kat and Damon being kidnapped themselves and last seen being sped away in a black car. I am now looking forward to reading Episode #4 Wish and finishing off I assume the New Hope Academy Series.


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