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Review: Sweet Rivalry - K.Bromberg

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Sweet Rivalry (1001 Dark Nights)

Review: Sweet Rivalry - 1001 Dark Nights - K. Bromberg - February 2017
At University, Ryder Rogers and Harper Denton were rivals in all that they did, they were as smart as one another and could push each other's buttons. One night after a heated debate that Harper won only just over Ryder, they share a kiss - a moment of passion before it's interrupted. The book then jumps thirteen years later, and the two of them are successful businessman and woman. They also went into the same field and are currently bidding on the same project, and it is a best man or woman for themselves type of scenario. As the course of the bidding goes along, they find themselves attracted to one another and they put their rivalry to the side and pick up where they left off thirteen years ago. What will happen though when it comes to the bid process, and two of the teams have been disqualified and one of the disqualifications doesn't add up with the persons integrity. With Harper's job and livelihood on the line , will Ryder do what's right and speak the truth of what has happened or will he keep his mouth shut and take the win ? Find out in this fast-paced romance read
by K.Bromberg.

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