Review: Ghost of a Promise - Kelly Moran

Ghost of a Promise (Phantoms, #1)

Review: Ghost of a Promise - Book #1 Phantoms - Kelly Moran - January 2015

Ava Trumble's relative Lois has died, and now Ava is set to inherit the Trumble Mansion, the one everyone else won't step into as they say it's haunted. The thing is though that this inheritance comes with a surprise clause. Ava must solve the murder of Sarah Kerrick within the year, or she will forfeit the mansion, and it will be turned over to the Historical Society. The thing is though that Sarah died over 200 years ago and her body was never found.  Ava goes out on a limb and hires TV ghost hunters Phantoms. One of them Jackson happens to be a descendant on the Kerrick side. Now with a Trumble and Kerrick back in the same house again, strange things have been happening including deja vu moments and hidden memories for Jackson and Ava, they can't be their own as they have only just met or did they know each other in past lives? This was a slow read to start off with but once the hidden treasures were discovered like Sarah's journal things started to kick off with the whole Ghostbusting and Murder solving business. Can Ava find sufficient evidence to point to what happened to Sarah Kerrick or will she lose the one place in the world that she has ever felt truly at home? 
Find out in this Paranormal Romance brought to you by Entangled Covet - Ghost of  A Promise by Kelly Moran.


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