Review: The Secret Mother - Shalini Boland

The Secret Mother

Review: The Secret Mother - Shalini Boland - November 2017

In the mood for a psychological thriller? I was in the mood after reading some romance novels to read something a bit more intense and darker. The Secret Mother is an upcoming thriller that starts with Tessa Markham arriving home from the cemetery where she was visiting her two children's graves to find a boy sitting on her kitchen counter with the door unlocked. She has no idea how he got there or who he is. The little boy is calling her "Mummy." Tessa calls her ex-husband Scott who evidently calls the police and soon despite Tessa telling the truth; she is labeled as a child abductor of five-year-old Henry Fisher. As the press continues to paint Tessa in a bad light and make her look like the crazy one, it is up to Tessa with the help of her next-door neighbor Carly who has not-so-good intentions but will help her uncover the truth nonetheless. The Secret Mother will lead Tessa to the hospital she gave birth to her twins at and uncover some dark secrets of what happened that night and the truth behind what happened to the second twin she gave birth too. The Secret Mother was a good thriller, and I had an idea where the story was going to lead. Being a British thriller, the pace of the story was a tad slow for my liking.


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