Review: The Day She Cried - K. Webster

The Day She Cried

Review: The Day She Cried - K. Webster - October 2017
First off , this book is appropiately titled as all who read it even if you are like me and don't normally cry in books with this one you will definitely find yourself at least tearing up especially as you conclude Part #1. When I finished Part #1 I definitely was in a moment of WTF - Why , this can't be happening state of mind and I was like I don't want to read this anymore :P. I did continue though as it jumped into a new realm of main characters , without giving too much of the story away this book features a girl called Raven , a girl called Courtney and a boy called Rome. It also shows readers the deadly consequences and dangers of what Cyberbulling and chatting to strangers online can do as when you truly think about it , often people are not who they say they are online. I once chatted to a guy on a dating site years and years ago and he had put his name down as Zach and I just saw him as a Zach and later turned out it was nowhere near his real name which was Ryan. Part #2 is a revenge based era and eventually Part #3 sees the revenge and the true culprits finally getting what they deserved and the ones who were persecuted earlier wrongly getting a little sense of justice back. The Day She Cried is definitely a read that you will have to have tissues handy as parts do tug at the heartstrings and in some parts, you may find yourself relating to it whether it be through Cyberbullying, Sexual Harrasment, Rape or Domestic Violence, Abuse which as we know K.Webster writes about in a way that draws the reader in and makes the reader feel for the characters. I felt this book was different to what K.Webster usually writes about and was more of a touching novel rather than a straight Dark Fiction book.
If you are looking for that powerful read to finish off your 2017, then check out The Day She Cried by K.Webster and mark it in your calendars as The Day You as the Reader Teared up or Cried too.


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