Friday, November 17, 2017

Review: Luck - New Hope Academy - Scarlett Haven

Luck (New Hope Academy Book 2)

Review: Luck - Episode #2 - New Hope Academy - Scarlett Haven - January 2016

Kat is slowly getting used to life in America and turning out to be the daughter of a Russian Terrorist. At the end of Book #1, she was tracked down by Kazmir. Kat is also getting used to the idea that she finally has a boyfriend with Damon - the President's son. What happens though when the pair of them realize that danger is around every corner and that being in their shoes and living a normal life is out of the question. I have to admit , I don't actually like the character of Damon as it's like he knows he is hot and being the President's kid - he wants Kat and thinks he is entitled to have her and it's like he doesn't care about the dangers that are going on whereas Kat is more concerned about the kidnapping and the discovery of who her parents are.  I hope that Kat and Tristan fall in love eventually as I love his character and we do see a bit of romance blossoming between the pair as they pretend to be a couple. The New Hope Academy books are quick YA reads with touches of YA romance, mysteries and boarding school life.

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