Monday, November 13, 2017

Review: Going Wild - C.M Owens

Going Wild (The Wild Ones, #2)

Review: Going Wild - Book #2 The Wild Ones - C.M Owens - October 2017
This is one book I have been waiting for and could not wait to get started when it released; I loved Book #1 Becoming a Vincent. When I saw Going Wild, I couldn't wait to get back to the families known as The Wild Ones from Tomahawk. Book #2 features another of the Wild One's Family known as the Malones. Like Lilah Vincent, Kylie Malone is the only female in the Malone clan. Remember Liam from the first book, the guy who moved to Tomahawk for a girl he met in LA. That girl was Kylie Malone and now with Lilah's wedding causing all the Wild One's Families to attend - he can now capture Kylie's attention and eventually her heart. I have to admit I was in two minds about this book as I wanted a story about The Vincent Twins and me did read we get one of them in Book #4. Going Wild though gave readers a more in-depth look at how the town of Tomahawk works and the inner workings of the four Wild Families as we get brief mentionings of the other families around the town. In Going Wild, the town also gets their annual Trooper visit and I LOL'ed my way through this book with their different antics, and I have to admit I loved the "real down and dirty" - rednecks like the friendship between Lilah and Kylie.  Can Liam prove to The Malones that he is the right guy for Kylie and is willing to move his allegiance from The Vincent side to the Malones and as the Vincent Twins did to Benson, unfortunately for Liam - it is five Malones against one Liam?  If you love Redneck, Backwoods Attitude and lots of laughs with a spice of romance, then The Wild Ones series by CM Owens are the reads for you.

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