Review: The Kindred Code - Christina Thompson

The Kindred Code

Review: The Kindred Code - Book #2 The Chemical Attraction Series - Christina Thompson - July 2017

It started off with a lecture and a guest professor at their college for three friends that would end in one being stalked, another offered a job with the FBI and another finding love in a hospital. First off, I love this series covers each of the books in The Chemical Attraction series have awesome covers. The Kindred Code picks up a few months after the first book finished and Taylor and Stuart are trying to readjust to life and their blossoming relationship after Stuart had a stalker which nearly killed Taylor. Taylor who is pregnant with their little flower though feels Stuart is still hiding things from her and being away from her best friends, she starts to feel neglected and hurt. Will Stuart end up pushing Taylor too far and have her running back into her friend's arms? Eva is busy loving her new family Matt and his son David and wants nothing more than to be with them, but what happens when Matt's mother starts a coup against Eva and the whole small town start gossiping about Matt and Eva's relationship? Will Matt stand by Eva and prove to her that she is worth the world and that his and David's love is all that matters. I also have to admit David was one of my favorite characters in this book. Joe has his FBI dreams come true when he is asked by the FBI director to help him with an undercover operation. What will happen though when things start to go sideways? I loved the end part of this where Joe enlisted the help of Matt and Stuart, and it was like Joe was finally accepting the guys that would become his brother-in-law. If you love New Adult and Romantic Suspense, then check out The Kindred Code - Book #2 in Christina Thompson's The Chemical Attraction series.


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