Review: The Black Room -Door #2 - Jasinda Wilder and Jade London

Door Two (The Black Room #2)

Review: The Black Room - Door #2 - Book#2 - Jasinda Wilder and Jade London - November 2016

I'm not entirely sure where to start with this book, but just to dig right in there and say that  Door #2 is a porn film book form. It was that erotic, and I found it very dirty so much that it turned me on when I read the book, and it got me thinking about what it possibly would be like to partake in a threesome with two guys. This is a book that as readers read, their minds and bodies will be opened up sexually. I am still not 100% sure what the book is about as it was like the main female woke up naked with no recollection of the previous night to three stunning people in a room. One leaves to go to work, and the female is left with the two guys, and they watch a porno on TV and eventually end up having a full-blown threesome scene and then later the other female returns and another threesome strikes. Then near the final chapter, it seems like the females are part of a sex auction and then she wakes up in the room once again, and of course, the book ends, and we know that with the next book she will enter Door #3.  This is not a book for the prudish, and if you don't want a sex-fueled frenzy of a book, then this is definitely not the read for you.


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