Review: A Girl Like Gracie - Scarlett Haven

A Girl Like Gracie (Bayside Academy Book 1)

Review: A Girl Like Gracie - Book #1 Bayside Academy Series - Scarlett Haven - April 2016
Gracie's mother has remarried and sent Gracie back to America to live with her father, twin brother Alfie and Stepmother Claire. Gracie is finding it difficult to adjust from the Korean culture she has become so accustomed to even with little things like bowing and saying Korean words. She is trying though and has made some new friends with her brother's friends - Jace, West, and Noah.  Noah Pennington is the town's heartbreaker, and though Alfie has warned her sister away from him, it seems that Gracie has captured Noah's attention. It's all good though as Gracie has a head on her and won't break and bow down to Noah's commands. If he wants her, then he has to earn her love and woo her and prove to her she isn't another notch on his bedpost. If adjusting to American life wasn't hard enough, Gracie has attracted the attention of a stalker named X who wants her to go back to where she came from and more importantly stay away from Noah otherwise he will get hurt. A Girl Like Gracie ended up on a cliffhanger, of course, Noah being hurt in an accident. Has X achieved their goal and gotten Gracie to back off from Noah? Needing a new YA author to discover and love mysteries, the check out Scarlett Haven's Bayside Academy series. The other thing that I love about Scarlett Haven's books is that they are all quick YA reads.


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