Review: Arabella Park - Season One - Evan Tyler / Meiling

Arabella Park: Season 1

Review: Arabella Park - Season #1 - Evan Tyler/ Meiling - October 2017

What happens when four friends start to share secrets with each other? Abductions, Kidnapping, Blackmail, and Death. I have suggested this book from a friend of mine as she knew I loved mysteries and she had likened it to Pretty Little Liars, so of course, I was intrigued. Arabella Park is set in a village that is likened to America and normally filled with Germans. Four friends make up the American corner and have been best friends since childhood - Kameron and her stepbrother Grayson, Yasmin, Mikey, and Jenna. The four are now in high school and enjoying life till one party will change the whole friendship atmosphere. The book starts with a mystery as Yasmin has gone missing and the three friends are being blackmailed, and if they want to see their friend alive, they will follow the instructions of M.E and not call the police. Unfortunately, they are all hiding secrets and can't go to the police unless they all want to suffer. Meanwhile, a new girl has started at the school London, and she seems to be hiding a few secrets of her own and has weaseled her way into the friendship circle except Kameron is suspicious of her and believes she has something to do with Yasmin's mysterious disappearance. Arabella Park was a long book and in parts moved a little too slow for my liking, and I found some of the stories from a straight mystery plot unnecessary, but then it did add the different twists and constantly threw you off the path you were on. I have to admit I did not see the ending coming with the reveal of what happened to Yasmin and who M.E was. I have to admit though when M.E was revealed; I thought it made sense as I hated that particular character right through the book. If you are in the mood for a new author to try and love Mystery novels with a touch of a psychological thrill then check out Season One of Arabella Park by Evan Tyler writing as Meiling.


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