Saturday, December 31, 2011

Love is Strong as Death - Rick and Nancy Fleeter

Synopsis : Love is Strong as Death - Rick and Nancy Fleeter - January 2011
"A moving tribute to a remarkable woman-by an equally remarkable man. This perspective into Rick and Nancy's struggle together and his acceptance of her death gives us a fresh view into ourselves."
Dr. Steve Glazer, congregational rabbi and hospice chaplain
Our modern lives are managed for us by experts in birthing, in exercise, in nutrition, in education, in choosing a mate, in distribution of news, entertainment, government and groceries. Nancy and I were not experts on any of these things, much less on facing life's most difficult passage-death.
This book is our experience, two innocent novices, in dying, death and rebuilding one life where once there had been two. It offers no advice, only a window into this most personal, and at the same time universal, of human experiences.

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