Review: Legend -Marie Lu

On the lookout for a new dystopian YA novel ? Read The Hunger Games , Divergent and Delirium ? Enjoyed them , then check out the first book in a new series by Marie Lu.
 Review: Legend - Book #1 Legend Series - Marie Lu- December 2011
Have you read The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins , Divergent by Veronica Roth ? What about devouring books like Wither by Lauren DeStefano and Delirium by Lauren Oliver ? If so, then get ready for Marie Lu and her new Dystopian YA series Legends with book #1 Legend being released this month. Set in North America , the country has been split into two sides - the Republicans and everybody else. A time , where people are becoming sick with the plague and those infected have their doors marked with Red X's. Amongst this civilisation is two teenagers who will be pushed together as enemies and discover that what they have been told is in fact nowhere near the truth. At age 10, each child in the town is to sit a test called "The Trial" and depending on your scores - it determines your status in society. In Legend we meet Day, a wanted criminal who escaped from what those around him called "Labour Camps" but in fact reminded me alot of "Concentration camps" , he supposedly scored the lowest score on the trial. The other person we meet is June - she is what they called "the Progidy" - the only person or so we think scored 1500/1500 - the perfect score. June has been training to be a soldier in the forces and her task is to go undercover and capture Day. Though as the pair meet and start to become close, we see passions and friendships develop. As the two discover and try to get to the bottom of what is really happening , what will happen when the pair are captured and Day sent to be executed ?
Find out all this and more in this awesome new Dystopian Novel "Legend" by Marie Lu.
Legend as also been set to become a global film sensation as it has been acquired by CBS Films and Twilight Saga Producers are set to produce.


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