Review: Dry as Rain - Gina Holmes

Wanting a contemporary Christian fiction ? One that has a storyline that in ways seems too familiar and have seen in books , movies- the big What If ?

Review: Dry as Rain - Gina Holmes - September 2011
Wanting a contemporary Christian Fiction ? One that answers the question of What If ???? . What if you had committed something so terrible , betraying the ones you loved and those around you ? For Eric , he fell into the web of temptation and what started off as an innocent lunch with co-workers grew into an affair with one in particular - a young female in her early 20's Danielle . His wife Kyra discovered it through an email that had been sent and his wife feeling betrayed kicked him out and was ready to divorce him as how could she trust him anymore. A few months later Kyra is in an accident and finds herself with amnesia , at first she thinks Eric is dead but as soon as she finds out he's alive, she is overjoyed . Kyra thinks that her and Eric are still the perfect couple , but what happens when she discovers that what she thinks and what really happened are two different things ? Should Eric come clean about what happened or should he play along with the amnesia and start anew ? Has God given Eric a second chance at renewing love and showing him that the  statement - "You Don't realise how much you had , until it's gone " rings accurate ?.
Find out in this awesome journey of relationships with it's up's and down's. In a way this book reminded me of "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks and "The House" by Anjuelle Floyd.


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