Review : Almost to Die For - Tate Hallaway

Have you read Tate Hallaway's adult novels "The Garnet Lacey Series " ? Get ready to discover her new Vampire Princess Series that has been exclaimed as Twilight Meets The Princess Diaries , with Book #1
Review: Almost to Die For - Vampire Princess Novels #1 - Tate Hallaway - August 2010

 After being a huge fan of Tate's books "The Garnet Lacey Series" , I thought I would give her YA Book a try. Almost to Die for from the start seemed like your average supernatural book , but as it got on -it turned out to be quite enjoyable.
The Princess Diaries part comes in as it is Ana's 16th Birthday and she has known since she was a little girl that she had witch blood in her from her mother's side but little does she realise that on her father's side it is a totally different story.
Never knowing her father , she hasn't thought much of him but on her 16th Birthday he arrives with some news that shatters Ana's life that she has built up for herself. She is in fact a Vampire Princess. Ana is Half-Witch and Half-Vampire.
Things would have gone alot smoother for Ana if it wasn't a well-known fact that Witches and Vampires are enemies , now with each parent trying to decide her future - Ana is caught in a battle that the majority of us regular teens know -the one between parents "piggy in the middle", and if being the "piggy in the middle" wasn't difficult enough , her best friend Bea - a Witch is ignoring her , Nikolai - A Vampire Hunter wants to date her , she has tasted her first blood and now she's supposed to get engaged to Elias - her father's captain guard.
Life for Ana , just went from being a simple teenage freak to the most deadliest person in the world as everyone wants a piece of her. Can it get more complicated than this ?
Find out in Almost To Die For - Book #1 of The Vampire Princess series by Tate Hallaway.
This novel has all the aspects of a great teen supernatural fantasy read with a whole lot of reality chucked into the mix with High School , Relationships and Friendships .


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