Review: One for The Money - Janet Evanovich

Are you a fan of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series ? Looking forward to the new film coming out starring Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum ? Or are you like me and figured since the movie's coming out and you have been meaning for ages to check out and read the series, that you better get on your high horse and as the Nike slogan reads "JUST DO IT" and wanting to get an insight into the first book ?

Review: One for the Money - Stephanie Plum Series Book #1 - Janet Evanovich- June 2006
Ever wondered how Stephanie Plum got into the world of Bounty Hunter ? After being laid off her job and broke for six months , Stephanie was desperate for cash and a job and as a last resort , Stephanie went to work for her cousin Vinnie Plum. Stephanie notices that their is a reward for the capture of Joseph Morelli and for Stephanie , she would like nothing than to see him in Jail. For her , this is personal as growing up with Joe Morelli - he was the kind of guy that had girls wrapped around his fingers and one of those girls when they were sixteen years old was Stephanie . Soon Stephanie will embark onto a world and turf that she has never experienced before, a world of crime , dirty deeds and the big, the bad and the ugly. Joseph Morelli has been charged with killing an innocent man , but it seems that Joseph was set up and to suit both him and Stephanie , they come up with a deal. She helps him clear his name and she can book him and get the $10,000 - Sound like an easy task , it should be but it seems like most women PI's and Bounty Hunters Stephanie has a knack for getting herself A) into trouble and B) in tight , sticky situations. Can the two of them clear Joseph's name before it's too late or will he be done for participating in more deaths as the bodies around the pair start to pile up ?.
As like Wicked Appetite , I found One for the Money - a fun and humourous mystery and it reminded me alot of Lisa Lutz's series "The Spellman Files". I look forward to reading Book #2 "Two for the Dough".


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