Love Resolutions 2012

Today readers , as we come to the end of the year for 2011 and enter into 2011 , we start to make resolutions for the New Year and Guest Blogger Sabrina Jackson is here with Love Resolutions for 2012.
Sabrina Jackson is a guest post author who shares with us her suggestions for love resolutions in 2012.  Sabrina also owns Best Free Dating Sites where she offers more advice on love, dating and relationships. 
Love Resolutions for 2012

With the New Year just days away, it’s time to evaluate 2011 and determine what parts of our lives we would like to improve upon in 2012. Well, if you weren’t so lucky in love this past year, why not resolve to embark upon a fresh 365 days with a new outlook on the subject?

Have a Happy New Year and check out the following love resolutions for 2012:

Resolution #1: Make love a priority. If you’re looking for love and have been living your life with a busy schedule revolving around work and other things that are getting in the way of your quest, then it’s time to reprioritize. Stop making excuses—treat love as the most important thing in your life and you are bound to open yourself up to more opportunities than ever before.

Resolution #2: Take chances. Of course, it’s scary to put yourself out there. But when you continue to do the same thing that you’ve always done in regards to your love life, you will continue to reap the same results. Step outside of your comfort zone by trying new things, meeting new people, and not allowing love to pass you by because you are scared or feeling vulnerable.

Resolution #3: Be realistic. Sure, we all want the fairytale love story, but it’s important to be realistic when dating. Don’t begin each date or relationship with the idea that someone is “the one.” They very well could be, but you will only be setting yourself up for disappointment if it doesn’t work out as you had planned. Instead, look at each person you come across in your romantic life as someone to have fun with, get to know, and learn from…then see where the road takes you!

Resolution #4: Leave the past behind. To truly have a successful experience with love this upcoming year, your heart has got to be open to what the future holds—so let go of the past. If you are holding onto exes or hurt feelings from old relationships, you will carry those into 2012 and into your new relationships. Make sure you are emotionally healed and ready to embrace love before looking for it again.

Resolution #5: Stay positive. It is important to always keep a positive attitude while on your pursuit of love. Even when you’re feeling down and have lost hope that love will ever happen for you, steer your mind away from the negativity and remember that there is nothing more attractive than a happy person who loves life and knows what they are passionate about. Positivity attracts positivity.


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