Saturday, December 24, 2011

Review: Havah - Tosca Lee

In the beginning ............ Though , it is coming up to Christmas and normally I should be doing Christmas books about Jesus, this one is for the women in the world.  This is a story about Creation and life - a story about Eve aka Havah.
Review: Havah - Tosca Lee - August 2010
In the beginning , God saw that the world was empty so he created Man in his own image , God then saw that Man would be lonely, so he put the man to sleep and with one of the man's ribs he created a companion for man and called her woman. Who were these people ? Man's name was not Tarzan but Adam and Woman's name was not Jane but Eve. However after reading Havah, I discovered that Havah in fact is another name for Eve. In most novels that we read about the Creation and the beginning times, they tend to be from Adam's perspective but it was great to finally read a story from Eve's perspective as she comes across life in the Garden of Eden, the birth of her two sons Cain and Abel , the temptation to eat the fruit off the Tree of Life - what was going through her mind when the serpent ( satan in disguise) tempted her to pull the apple from the tree and take a bite and of course handing it over to Adam to take a bite.  Then of course, what happens next is the disappointment by God who then proceeds to exile them from the Garden of Eden into the big bad world of Reality. What I never noticed from reading the bible and the Adam and Eve story is the lengths that Eve went to in order to try and get back into God's good books as she really did care for him and his ways and wanted to follow life his way. Though of course, to me the story of Adam and Eve does show that even though we were made in God's image , we are after all human and subjected to sin , but unlike those times before Jesus we are able to ask for his forgiveness and repent for the sins and be allowed back from exile into his kingdom.
Havah by Tosca Lee is a great read and an amazing biographical tale of Eve also known as Havah. It spins the tale of her walk with God through the good times and the bad.

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