Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Banished - Sophie Littlefield

Wanting a new supernatural YA/Teen novel to discover ?
Review: Banished - Book #1 Banished Series - Sophie Littlefield- October 2010
Haylie has lived a life that she is about to discover has all been a lie , nothing she knows except that her Gran is really her Gran will be true. Haylie , for as long as she can remember has always felt like an outcast and she doesn't know why. Though, this year her powers are about to be awakened and her true destiny and who she really is , is about to be revealed . Haylie has always grown up thinking that her mother died in childbirth but it seems that Haylie's family is said to be cursed and her mother committed suicide. Haylie as we discover is in fact a healer and when her long-lost aunt Prarie shows up , it seems that others - dangerous people who want to abuse the power of a healer knows that she is alive and a healer and now in order to keep safe , Haylie along with her foster brother Chub must head on the road with Prarie. As the novel goes along, we discover Haylie's family origins and hear a myth of her people "the Banished" and we discover that "The Morries" are in fact Seers - people who can see the future /visions etc. Prarie's ex boyfriend Bryan wants the Healers to create an Army for Military Ops - Can Haylie escape his clutches and the assassins he's sent along the way or will Haylie be spending the rest of her life locked up in a research facility ?
Find out in the first novel in a new series "Banished" by Sophie Littlefield and look out for Book #2 Unforsaken.

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