Review: Crushed - KC Blake


Wanting a new witchy tale to read ? Looking for a new series that rings Magic to your minds ?
Review: Crushed - Book #1 The Witch Games - KC Blake - July 2011
Are you a fan of High School set novels ? One's where there is always a group of Girls that rule the school ? Think Clueless with an added bit of Magic mixed with a tad of The Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford  and Rymes with Witches by Lauren Myracle and you have Crushed by KC Blake. As soon as I saw the synopsis , I knew I just had to read this book and I am so glad that I did. As soon as I turned and read the first page I was hooked . Meet the Noah Triplets, they are the most popular girls in their high school and they rule the corridors , they also happen to be witches. Each year, the girls play a game called "Crushed" , where they pick a guy and make them their puppy for the year and the one who can get them to do the most extreme wins. Kristen has been the winner for the past three years in a row , and this year her and Brittany decide to make a side bet. If Kristen can get Zach Bevin to fall for her Crushed antics , then she wins . Kristen accepts but little does she realise that Zach is immune to her Crushed antics and he has other plans up his sleeve including exposing the Noah Sisters for what they are. As the story goes along we see the passion intensify between Zach and Kristen , but little do the pair know - that two people want to harm their relationship and won't stop until one of the twosome are dead. We discover that Zach's sister Morgan has powers and has been spending time with Kristen's sister , what are the pair up to and will Crushed end up in tragedy ?
Can the sisters end the game before it goes to the point of no return or has it reached it's breaking point ?
Find out all this and more in this awesome novel by KC Blake that will have you gasping for more :) , It's definitely a series I will be checking out as more books are added in the future.


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