Review: Hearts Communion - Marianne Evans

As the hours and minutes countdown towards the end of 2011 , I have decided that since I'm not really the party person and I'm not really in the mood to watch TV or a movie , so I will spend my New Years Eve Blogger style and do a mini readathon and reviews :)
Review: Hearts Communion - Book #3 Woodlands Series - August 2011
What if the one thing that you had always dreamed of having when you met the right person turned out never to happen ? Would you leave that person and settle for second best or would you accept that as God's plan and live happily ever after with that person ?
For Jeremy aka JB , he has always dreamt of being a father and having a large family as he dotes and cares for his nephew so much . One day when his nephew is sick , JB picks him up from Daycare and it's love at first sight for JB and Early Childhood teacher Monica. The pair hit it off and after a few dates , JB is taking Monica around to meet his family as he can't wait to share this amazing person that God has given him . However, Monica is hiding a secret - one that could tear her happiness apart forever. She has endometris , a disease which has made her infertile and never to have children . When JB discovers this , we see that for a split second he is hurt as he realises his dreams of having a family with Monica are no longer realistic . However with God and his love for Monica , will JB accept Monica's fate and live happily ever after with their hearts entwined or will he take the easy road out ?
Find out with God's help the decision that JB will have to make - one that will change his life and it's path forever.
Check out Book #3 Hearts Communion in the Woodlands Series by Marianne Evans.


  1. Hi, Paula - and thank you so much for the lovely review of Hearts Communion. I deeply appreciate your time, dedication, and thoughtful insights! I appreciate you very much! God bless, and thanks again.

  2. Great review of HEARTS COMMUNION, Paula! I just downloaded HEARTS KEY on the kindle, but I definitely want to go back and read this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You'll be happy you did, Dora. All of the Woodland books are GREAT!!!

  3. I have GOT to catch up on the Woodland Series! Loved the first couple of them, and this one sounds every bit as amazing.

  4. Marianne Evans is a wonderful writer. I have throughly enjoyed her Woodland Series. And, congrats on the CAPA nomination for A Face in the Clouds!


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