Review: Twisted - Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars strikes again with Book #9 in the series by Sara Shepard.
Review: Twisted - Book #9 Pretty Little Liars Series - Sara Shepard - July 2011
It's that time again , when all the fans of Pretty Little Liars will clasp the book Twisted in their hands and not let go till the very last page. I was wondering what they were going to do as the last book ended with the fire at the Poconos and we are left wondering Did Ali die or did she escape ? The novel Twisted starts with the girls enjoying a break away in Jamaica - away from all the chaos of the Ali Incident. However, during their trip in Jamaica , they meet a girl named Tabitha who is eerily similiar to Ali and the things she knows are things only Ali would know. The novel then flips forward ten months , the girls are no longer friends and haven't spoken to each other since the flight home from Jamaica - what happened in Jamaica to tear the girls apart , funnily enough it's what happened in Jamaica that will bring them together as it seems that no matter how hard they try to rid of "A" , she always finds them. Spencer's mum is dating a new man and it seems the relationship is getting serious, though there's some serious flirt going on between Spencer and her mum's boyfriend's son Zach , will Spencer delve into another toxic relationship with a guy she's not supposed to have ? , Hanna's father is running for Senator and Hanna finds herself in the middle of some dodgy photos - to get rid of them , the photographer wants $10,000 or Hanna's life as she knows it is ruined again- Can Hanna come up with the money or is it Bye, Bye Mr Senator ? Emily it seems had a baby over the summer and her next door neighbour's father is flirting with her , the prize - a scholarship to college -is it worth it ? and Aria is having boyfriend problems when her boyfriend Noel's Foriegn Exchange student Klaudia wants to "f" Noel as she kindly puts it in the story. Of course, it wouldn't be a Pretty Little Liars novel without a little "A" stalking and textes . Is there a new "A" or is Ali still at large and toying with the girls?
Find out in Sara Shepard's 9th Pretty Little Liars Book "Twisted".


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