Review: Grace's Gold - Mary Manners

Are you a sweet-tooth ? Wanting a lovely story to sweeten your tastes ?
Review: Grace's Gold - Sweet Treats Series #1 - Mary Manners - August 2011
"For where your treasure is , there your heart will be also - Luke 12v34"
Ever had the thought cross your mind , what if ? Ever had a past love that you have always wondered whether if they came back into your life, you would go with them ? Somebody that has felt like a soul mate , been there with you through the easy and the hard times ?.
For Grace Spencer  , that somebody is Brent Peterson - her best friend since Kindergarten . In High school, Brent nearly told Grace how it felt but he was beaten to it by Dan Spencer - the quarterback and school hunk.  Dan and Grace married , breaking and hurting Brent. Now three years later , Dan has died in an accident and Brent is back in town with the desire to win Grace's heart. He has already won the heart of her son Adam. As the story goes on , we see Grace toss and turn with confusion about her feelings with Brent and is she ready to be over Dan and move on , all is her heart still with her dead husband ? This is a short and sweet novel and not just in the fact that the setting is a delicious bakery called Sweet Treats but the fact that it is a sweet romance between two close friends and the ability to overcome all the obstacles that have been in their path for the past twenty plus years :). Who Knows what might be Grace's Christmas present next year and what exactly is Grace's Gold ?


  1. Enjoyed reading this review. I haven't read any of Mary Manners' Sweet Treats stories yet, but I'm sure they're all amazing, based on others of her books that I HAVE read. Wonderful author!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Delia. You are a WONDERFUL author, as well. Waiting to read Gypsy's's going to be fabulous!

  2. I've read several of the Sweet Treats and they are yummy! I can't wait for Mary's ranch series. oxox

    1. Hi, Tanya. Lost in Lone Creek, the first in the Lone Creek Ranch Series, is now available. Congratulations on your double CAPA nominations!

  3. Paula, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Grace's Gold. I'm so glad you enjoyed meeting Grace and her sisters! Thanks for the wonderful and thought-provoking review!


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