Review -The Camera Never Lies - Tess Daly

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Review: The Camera Never Lies - Tess Daly- October 2011
Imagine having it all and being on top of the world , it's a life that most aspiring models dream of , starring in photoshoots alongside Matthew McConaughey. British gal Britt Baxter was offered the opportunity of a lifetime , to star as the cover girl of a new label - one catch though , she has to sleep with the label's boss. Britt, not one to let her morals down and the fact that she has a boyfriend Alex turns it down and soon finds herself in Model exile - Tokyo , Japan. The one place on earth that Models go when they can't get any work at all. Things don't plan out the way Britt hoped and when tragedy strikes at home, she hops on a plane back to the UK. When waitressing at a PR party, Britt is noticed by a TV News Producer of morning show Rise and Shine and Britt has the A-Factor he is looking for , has Britt's dreams finally come true or will she discover that being on camera and famous isn't all it is cracked up to be as she lands herself deep in the world of celebrities , divas and nosy paparazzi's. Can Britt climb her way out or will her dream come true turn into a living nightmare ?
A fun look at the inner life and workings of a TV presenter and what it takes for some stars to make it to the top of their game and when Hollywood comes knocking -how to tell your true friends from your "new friends".


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