Review: Settling - Shelley Workinger

Wanting a new teen novel to read ? Have you read Solid by Shelley Workinger ? Love reading novels about teens with special abilities ?
Review: Settling - Book #2 Solid Series - Shelley Workinger -July 2011
I've always been fascinated in books that have the characters having special abilities , I've always thought if I could have an ability it would be teleportation or telepath. Be like Professor X on Xmen or Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. Settling takes off where Solid ended , so readers if you haven't yet read Solid , then stop reading the review of Settling and hop to Solid. Check out my review on Solid introduced us to a group of teenagers that were somehow altered before birth with a mutated ninth-chromosome , this caused the children to have special abilities like super-strength, invisibility etc. In Settling , we discover that Clio and her friends have realised and come to the terms that unfortunately they aren't going anywhere , so they figure it's time to put their abilities to use on the campus and each participate in a journey of self-discovery and enhancing/ controlling their abilities in the real world.  However, adding the suspense field to the novel - someone isn't very co-operative and wants Clio and her friends to be rid off - even it means terminating them for good . Can Clio and her friends harness their powers and learn enough to survive or will the statement "You'll never leave " ring true and become extended to "Your'e never leave here alive". We read as new characters are introduced and when one of them starts to show feelings for Clio , we read as she finds herself in the situation of a love triangle and her feelings are all over the place - can Clio keep a level-head in order to survive ? Read as friendships will become strained , some tightened and others loosened , secrets will be revealed and abilities will continue to grow. Can the teens stop the Killer before he gets to them ? You read right , it's a male - but you will be surprised as when you discover who the assassin is , Shelley will keep you guessing. Another great installment to the Solid Series.


  1. This book sounds fabulous! I love the suspense and the special abilities. I would love super powers- moving things with my mind would be so fun. I just added this book to my list. Great review!



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