Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Silver and Stone - JD Thompson

Wanting a new Werewolf YA series to start in the New Year ? Get ready for the first installment of a new series by author Jennifer Thompson.
Review: Silver and Stone - Bloodlines #1 - JD Thompson - August 2011
Last year Alexis had it all , top A-Student , Valedictorian - on her way to any Ivy League college , prom queen and Miss Popular. Then , the incident occured that caused her to lose everything she ever had and more - Alexis went from Prom Queen to accused Killer as her mum was killed in what Alexis claimed as Self-defense. Since that night, Alexis has been experiencing nightmares , hallucinating and hearing things. Ontop of that , all her friends from last year except for Logan, Theo and Amber have abandoned her - even her own sister Madison can't stand to be around her and wishes that it was her that had died and not their mother. Enter in Lucas Alexander , a new student at Weatherford Academy and Alexis's neighbour -from the moment they first meet, their is a chemistry that is beyond normal. He seems to understand her , more than she does herself. However, Lucas is hiding a secret - one that could get Alexis killed . He and his "parents' are Archangels sent to kill Alexis and stop her from being the animal that she is - apparently we discover that Alexis has been around for centuries and is in fact one of Lucifer's Hellhounds . Is this the end for Alexis as she faces a showdown and a close one too with Marcus and Gwen , or will Lucas betray his Archangel status and protect Alexis ?
An awesome start to a new supernatural series by author JD Thompson. One that if you love the Teen/YA Supernatural craze, you will enjoy Silver and Stone.

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