Review: Husband Material - Annette M Irby

Wanting a little love in the air ? Wanting a novel that talks about Valentine's day , that's only a couple of months away ?
Review: Husband Material - Annette M. Irby - July 2011
It's Valentine's Day and love is all around , but for two people Valentine's Day tends to bring heartache. Husband Material starts in a supermarket where a women named Lara spots a man looking a tad lost by the Valentine's Day display in the local supermarket , she feels compelled to talk to him . The story then flips to Lara's restaurant called The Blue Hyacinth where she notices that one of the prime tables is reserved , which is odd as they don't do reservations and the place is filling up. Later she discovers, it's for a local widower - what she doesn't realise is that it's the same handsome guy from the Supermarket. Soon the pair getting talking and sparks fly , yet both are holding back for personal reasons . Lara has just come out of a five-year relationship and Wyatt has been widowed for two years , will the pair be able to put the past behind them and move forth to the idea of love ? Will Love be on the menu, this Valentine's Day for Lara and Wyatt ?
Find out in Husband Material by Annette M. Irby , at only 37 pages Husband Material is a nice short but sweet contemporary romance. In some parts , Husband Material gave me a Lake House Feel - the movie starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.


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